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Types of Fire Doors from AQC Fire Door Installers in Ontario

fire safety door

AQC Fire Door Installers offers a wide variety of industrial and commercial doors to fit any application. Our door products comply with all current construction and safety guidelines and requirements.

AQC Door specializes in:

• Kalamein doors – solid-wood fire door wrapped in       galvanized   sheet metal

• Hollow metal doors and frames

• Wood doors

• Overhead doors – garage doors, including fire-rated rolling steel

• Fireproof doors

• Lead-lined – offer radiation protection

• Soundproof doors – useful in a variety of loud environments

•Aluminum Doors

•Store Fronts

•Rolling Steel Doors

•Man Doors

•Waterproof Doors

•Roof Hatches

•Door Systems

•Automatic Doors

•Patio Doors

•Metal Doors (Stainless Steel and Aluminum)

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